Tap or click the image above to animate.
Tap or click the image above to animate.
Amount of
4 out of 4

There are an insane amount of levels, but the weekly treasure hunt challenges (and the NEW Expeditions) are good reasons to never put this game down for more than a week at a time. It's great to pick up and play if you've got five minutes or 30.

of Concept
4 out of 4

Built on the premise of connecting 4 dots to make a square, the real excitement comes from playing under the conditions of different game mechanics. Your overall strategy must change against each mechanism. The mechanisms are smart, intuitive and seem to complement one another, which allows the game creators to mix and match them—resulting in seemingly infinite levels.

to Detail
4 out of 4

The attention to detail is clever and delightful when navigating between worlds, courtesy of Illustrator Owen Davey. The artwork created for each weekly challenge has unassumingly proven to be strong and thorough. And the music always manages to push itself in new and innovative ways. Not only is it catchy, but there is some real depth in the sounds of each of the different worlds.

Desire to
Play Again
3 out of 4

This is one of the games we return to play again and again. Even though it's a game with a beautiful aesthetic, it's not blatantly shiny or glitzy—and this is key: We believe this is why this game appeals to your cooler, more intelligent Facebook friends. A smooth integration allows you to play for the high score in challenges each week with people you probably don't regret friending.

Overall User
4 out of 4

The simplicity of this game means that it's easy enough for anybody to pick up and play. As the game has grown in complexity, the improvements and adjustments to the interface made along the way continue to be of high-caliber design. The entire game elevates the illustrations to be front and center alongside clean call-to-action buttons and toggles. This approach embodies friendliness, and friendliness is helpful in preventing any of the complexities of the game from feeling overwhelming.

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