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Tap or click the image above to animate.
Amount of
2 out of 4

The gameplay is long enough. If you don’t focus on finding all of the hidden gems, you can go back and find them after you’ve finished the game, which kind of feels like additional gameplay. The game itself is worth at least three bucks, but you're also paying a surcharge of at least two dollars to play as this very specific female character.

of Concept
3 out of 4

If you’re not familiar with the Tomb Raider series, the character you play with is named Lara Croft. In a nutshell, she was designed with just enough sex appeal to make cave-based games tolerable. We liked this rendition style-wise because the game has a silky low-poly feel. This is a turn-based game, so every move matters.

to Detail
4 out of 4

Every once in a while, Lara will move gracefully, and those unexpected rewards keep things interesting. The hidden gems are a nice touch. They may be revealed and then hidden as you walk because of the changing perspective of the camera. The sounds are good but not groundbreaking.

Desire to
Play Again
2 out of 4

You’re going to want to go back and find the hidden gems you missed, but once they've all been collected, you probably won’t play this again.

Overall User
3 out of 4

During gameplay, the interface features minimalistic controls almost bordering on ambiguity. Would have liked to see more interesting interactive elements like the settings carousel make their way into the gameplay screen as a means of navigating away from the current game.

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